The Aircraft

Dave Sykes’s Amazing flight required one of the most up to date state-of-the-art microlight aircraft available..

The British built P&M Aviation Quik fits the bill perfectly.  Also built locally at Rochdale with specially modified hand controls fitted that enables Dave to fly without the use of his legs, which made his flight even more courageous as he only has one hand on the wing and one hand on the steering on take off and landings.

Dave has also had a special light weight aluminium wheelchair made that dismantles and fits in the back of the aircraft.

Powered by the Rotax 912S 100HP four cylinder, four stroke engine the aircraft can fly at speeds of up to 90MPh.  It has a maximum weight of 450Kg including the fuel and pilot and can land in a distance as small as 200metres.

An auxiliary fuel tank has been fitted to give a combined  fuel capacity of 145 liters which will enable Dave’s microlight to have an endurance of up to 11 hours and range of over 700 miles.

Fitted with the very latest GPS system for navigation, VHF radio and Transponder to be in touch with air traffic control on the way, also fitted to the aircraft is a life raft and i was  carrying a satellite emergency locator beacon there is no doubt that this tiny machine is very well equipped to deal with the challenges that Dave came across.

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