On April the 28th at 11am 2011 British paraplegic pilot Dave Sykes set off on an epic solo, record breaking microlight journey from York, England to Sydney, Australia to celebrate 81 years since Amy Johnson became the first woman to fly solo to Australia.

This challenging feat of aviation saw see Dave Sykes pass through 19 different countries, and fly over 16,000 Statute Miles. Flying over incredibly hostile terrain along with long sea crossings and deserts, while also encountering testing meteorological conditions on the way.

As well as having to struggle with the day to day aspects that being in a wheelchair brought along, Dave Sykes is now the first paraplegic to fly from York to Sydney in a microlight ever.

This trip was flown to raise  money for the charity Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

It was anticipated that the flight would take six to eight weeks and routeing  through the following countries:

England -- France -- Italy -- Malta-- Greece -- Egypt -- Saudi Arabia -- Qatar -- Dubai -- Oman -- Pakistan --India -- Bangladesh -- Myanmar (Burma) -- Thailand -- Malaysia  -- Indonesia -- Australia

To see the route on a map, please see The Route page.

on the 25th of August 2011 after 4 months away Dave Sykes landed at Sydney Bankstown airport completing this epic trip and covering over 23,000km and 257hrs of flying.


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